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A Soldier’s Revenge

A Soldier’s Revenge By: Matthew Dunn Matthew Dunn has created one of my favorite characters in Will Cochrane, so I was ecstatic to get my paws on his latest installment of this enigmatic crime stopper’s story, A Soldier’s Revenge.  Normally Will Cochrane, a government trained heavy hitter and solver of some of the world’s most […]

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War Hawk

War Hawk By: James Rollins War Hawk: (n.) A thriller so packed full of action, adrenaline and danger that it feels as though the book itself might explode. A warning to readers who pick up James Rollins new installment in the Tucker Wayne series: Handle with Care.  This book is liable to burst due to […]

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When the Music’s Over

When the Music’s Over By: Peter Robinson When I received Peter Robinson’s When the Music’s Over in the mail, well, I was giddy with the same excitement a teenage girl experiences receiving a text from her crush.  Peter Robinson, my friends, is an extraordinary author with a skill for weaving together deliciously rich stories, and any […]

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The Body In the Wardrobe

The Body In the Wardrobe By: Katherine Hall Page A strong follow up to The Body in the Birches, Katherine Hall Page delivers yet another great murder mystery.  Leaving behind the familiar northeast after a death in the family brought Sofie Maxwell to her family’s vacation home where she would meet her new husband, attorney Sophie Maxwell […]

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By: Wilbur Smith Hector Cross, the ex paramilitary guy turned private security specialist is back in a daunting new novel by famed Wilbur Smith.  Predator is the latest installment in the daring and dashing Crossbow novels and this one does not disappoint.  In this installment, Hector Cross, owner of Crossbow Security and head of security for […]

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The Evening Spider

By: Emily Arsenault Unique parallels are drawn between a character from the past and one from the present, as the two have shared the same house 130 apart.  Frances Barnett records the events and details of the months that lead to her forced hospitalization in a state mental institution in the year of 1885.  Later, […]

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Hard Cold Winter

By: Glen Erik Hamilton Adjusting to civilian life is hard for Van Shaw in Hard Cold Winter.  Adjusting to a normal life is even harder for the grandson of a skilled thief and criminal who raised Van to follow in his footsteps.  Returning to his hometown Van learns that one of his friends, a man […]

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No Cure for Love

By: Peter Robinson Set in the ideallic scenery of Hollywood and California, with a rising star at the center, No Cure for Love, is one wild ride.  A British starlet is making it big in a true crime detective series when a voice from her past begins sending her letters.  Benign at first, these letters begin […]

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Aunty Lee’s Chilled Revenge

By: Ovidia Yu Everyone knows that revenge is a dish that’s best served cold, but you might not expect it be served up by a spunky Singaporean chef known as Aunty Lee. Ovidia Yu’s latest installment in her unique crime series, Aunty Lee’s Chilled Revenge is a fun and funky murder mystery.  Set in the […]

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Here Comes the Bribe

By: Mary Daheim All set to host a wedding, in-keeper Judith McMonigle Flynn finds herself, and her historic bed and breakfast in the middle of unexpected circumstances.  Rodney and Millie Schmuck have come to the sleepy town nestled into the hills of the Pacific Northwest to see their only daughter get married in Here Comes […]

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