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Black Dog Speaks is a literary review blog maintained by Maggie Franz.  The written word is one of our greatest treasures. It should be celebrated, shared and loved by all.  The goal of Black Dog Speaks is to bring honest reviews of great books and novellas to a community of readers.  Together we can lift authors up, share in their passion and enjoy their hard work and creativity.  To create a conversation around a good book is almost as wonderful as reading the book itself – which is the very reason people create and join book clubs.  Think of this book review blog as the library, sitting room or park bench for a large and open book club.  Your thoughts are welcomed as we all look forward to hearing what you think about one of the books, my reviews or on a subject in general.

Maggie is an entrepreneur who fell in love with reading and developed a passion for writing.  Books are her treasures and engaging with others is her joy.  Over time Maggie has worked to build relationship with authors and publishers in order to share first hand with other readers the wonderful new books they have to offer.  she lives and writes in a small town in Western Pennsylvania with Murphy and her Green Cheeked Conure, Buddha.  Additional passions include biking, skiing, knitting, crafting, yoga and her dog Murphy whom this site is named after.

If you are a publisher or author who would like to speak to Maggie about a review please email her: maggie m franz (at) gmail (dot) com

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