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Coffee Table Books

Some people, myself included view some books as decorative or conversation pieces to strategically placed about the house or apartment.  These are the books that are perfect for sitting out on your coffee table, that are great conversation pieces. They provoke a conversation, provoke thoughts and speak to your personality without you having to say a word.  They provide us comfort and just glancing or feeling their cover can bring a sense of calm or of support.  At Black Dog Speaks, books are more than just two covers and a bunch of pages in between.  Books are memories, they are stories, they good and old friends.  Books are meant to be accessible and on hand – not only stacked on shelves in alphabetical order.  Coffee tables, side tables, bed tables, even kitchen tables are places that you will find my books – probably because I collect more than I can read in a normal day, week month – maybe even a year.

Coffee Table Book Reviews

These books are creative and encompass a broad variety of topics. Here you will find reviews on books on leadership, on feelings and emotions, and life in general. You will find books that provoke thought as much as they will conversation. Check out the reviews below and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite coffee table book?

Shakespeare Basics for Grownups – By E. Foley and B. Coates

The Four Agreements – By Don Miguel Ruiz

Switch – By The heath Brothers

Leadership – By Gord0n Tredgold

1,000 Feelings for Which There are No Names – By Mario Giordano

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