Being founded in September, 2009, the subsidiary company Great Technology Co., Ltd. which is attached to Beijing Land ST Co., Ltd. , is a professional oilfield chemistry service company. It mainly engages in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing of chemical additives and supplying technical service on field. It has an engineering team of professionals with rich oilfield experience and top-ranking skills. The company has fulfilled a large number of oilfield chemicals supplies and service cases with brilliant achievements. .......    [more]
  • defoamer GT-60L

    GT-60L is an organic silicon and is used to prevent foaming of the cement slurry. ....[more]

  • defoamer GT-66L

    The efficient defoamer GT-66L is of synthetic organic silica, mainly used to defoam the cement slurry. The density recovery rate is greater than 70%.....[more]

  • retarder GT-26LM

    GT-26L has a high-efficiency retarding performance. It retards the well cements hydration and nucleus growth by way of complexation and absorption. It is resistant to satu....[more]

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