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Escaping our normal lives is one of the main reasons why we reach for a fantasy novel. These books are exciting and imaginative. They transport us to far off places, new worlds, and new eras. In these novels we get to encounter all sorts of people and creatures, gods and goddesses. Its no wonder that reading fantasy and Sci Fi novels is so exciting – which is exactly why this is a growing genre with new books and titles added all of the time. Black Dog Speaks is working to bring reviews of books of all sorts to our readers, including these.

*I have to make a confession: this is one of my favorite genres so you will find a solid number of books here.  I hope that you enjoy browsing these different titles and consider them when making your next selection (as I’m sure their authors would as well).

Fantasy and Sci Fi Reviews

Medusa’s Web – By Tim Powers

Seeker – By Arwen Elys Dayton

The Witch of Painted Sorrows – By M.J. Rose

Rebellion – By Rachel Cotterill

The Midnight Queen – By Sylvia Izzo Hunter

The Hawley Book of the Dead – By Chrysler Szarlan

Liesmith – By Alis Franklin

The Immortal Crown – By Richelle Mead

Phoenix Island – By John Dixon

The Office of Mercy – By Ariel Djanikian

Bellman and Black – By Diane Setterfield

A Thousand Perfect Things – By Kay Kenyon

The Quick – By Lauren Owen

Three – By Jay Posey

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