General Fiction Book Reviews

From lazy stories to outright thrillers, a great book is a priceless find. Fictional books are a great enjoyment of mine and I am very glad that I get to share my thoughts and feelings with you and the authors who have sent me their works. This is one of the broadest categories for my reviews.  Below you will find everything from general fiction, if you are looking for other types of fiction here are some additional pages of reviews: Thrillers, crime dramas or mysteries or historical fiction. Thrillers and crime dramas are some of my personal favorites to read so I will be sure to bring you lots of these but I also look for additional types as well.  Fantasy and Post Apocalyptic are another type that I cannot get enough of as well.

Below you will find a list of reviews of great fictional stories. Do you have a favorite book that is not on here? Let me know – I would love to talk about what makes it so great and why it appeals to you. Thank you again for your time and for stopping by.

General Fiction

Written on My Heart – By Morgan Callan Rogers

City of Ladies – By Sarah Kennedy

The Siege Winter – By Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norma

A Fine Summer’s Day – By Charles Todd

The Vintner’s Daughter – By Kristen Harnisch

Under the Same Blue Sky – By Pamela Schoenewaldt

The Last Encore – By Julia Butler

The Hundred-Year House – By Rebecca Makkai

The Collector of Dying Breaths – By M.J. Rose

What Nora Knew – By Linda Yellin

Charisma – By Barbara hall

Red Sky in the Morning – By Paul Lynch

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns – By Margaret Dilloway

The Cleaner of Chartres – By Salley Vickers

Battleborn – By Claire Vay Watkins

Why Are You So Sad – By Jason Porter

The Bookman’s Tale – Carlie Lovett

Post Apocalyptic

Legend – By Marie Lu

The Office of Mercy – By Ariel Djakinen

Above – By Isla Morley

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