Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction

There are a lot of great historical fiction books out there and I am working to bring them to you. These books are juicy little bits of history that spice it up and give us a new angle on the past.  History provides us with a rich array of frames for stories.  Why not take advantage of that?  These books allow us to be nostalgic and creative, pensive and adventurous.  Historical fiction books allow us to place ourselves into the middle of our favorite time periods and historical contexts, and to go on a new adventure.  They make history new again, they reinvent it and give us the chance to participate in it.

Historical Fiction Reviews

The Secrets of Nanreath Hall – By Alix Rickloff

The Evening Spider – By Emily Arsenault

A Pattern of Lies – By Charles Todd

Dreams of the Red Phoenix – By Virginia Pye

Hotel Moscow – By Talia Carner

Tinseltown – By William J. Mann

Inspector of the Dead – By David Morrell

The Promise – By Ann Weisbarger

Under the Same Blue Sky – By Pamela Schoenewaldt

Desert God – By Wilbur Smith

Neverhome – By Laird Hunt

Midnight in Europe – By Alan Furst

Mrs. Poe – By Lynn Cullen

The Making of the Lamb – By Robert Harley Bear

Dead Romans – By David J. Cord

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