1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Name

1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No Name

By Mario Giordano

1,000 Feelings for Which There Are No NamesDo you ever find yourself sitting somewhere (usually alone) trying to put a name or a label to what feeling you are experiencing at that moment?  Does this attempt turn into a frustrating oscillation between that feeling and those that you have experienced before only to to realize that you may never be able to put an accurately descriptive label on these feelings?  Yea, me too.  But now there is a creative book that will wipe away all of our frustrations, call to mind our previously experience feelings, show us that we are not the only ones to ever have felt this way and to help put a descriptor to those feelings which we previously failed to define.  This simple, yet extremely useful and thought provoking book was gifted to us by Mario Giordano and goes by the name: 1,000 Feelings for Which There Are no Names.  Amazingly aesthetic and vividly sensual, you will re-live a multitude of feelings as you leaf through this book’s emotive pages.

1,000 Feelings for Which There Are no Names makes for one hell of a thought and conversation provoking coffee table book, a delightful escape to keep in your desk at work when you need to change your emotions or frame of mind, and an inspiring gem to carry with you whether you are traveling or to to keep you from getting stuck in a rut while staying put.  Mario Giordano is a talented German author, born in Munich.  He has found success in his previous works and has also branched into children’s books and written for television.  This latest book is a thing of art and will grace my coffee table or rucksack with it’s presence for many days to come.

Here are some of my favorites:

The panic when faced with the empty page

The hope at the sight of teenagers reading