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Clownfish Blues

Clownfish Blues

By: Tim Dorsey

The author of Coconut Cowboy outdoes himself in this, his next book, Clownfish Blues.  Called the maestro of mayhem, Dorsey delivers slightly off kilter novels that are one wild ride.  His main character, inspired by a love for the television show Easy Rider, and driven by a manic-depressive personality, Serge Storm drives the coastal roads of Florida looking to recreate episodes of the iconic tv show.  Serge has been hailed as the most creative character, as a gloriously unrepentant killer. Totally and wildly unpredictable, as the reader, you have no idea where Serge and Coleman will go next and even less of an idea of what they’ll do once they make it there.

Serge and Coleman in Clownfish Blues are off to recreate another episode of Easy Rider, in a vintage silver convertible Corvette, working for a week in each town as they go.  Unwittingly the duo discover a sinister plot to rig the state’s lottery system.  The novel quickly becomes Serge and Coleman against every criminal in the State that is vying for a piece of the huge lottery pie, making for one crazy and wild ride for readers all across the United States.  Get ready for a dose of chaos, a shot of murder, and a glimpse of Florida’s oddities, as you read Clownfish Blues.

Dorsey as an author, and expert on all things Florida (specifically the weird ones) has made a name for himself with this, his 20th  novel.  In addition to his novels, Dorsey has even branded three different hot sauces for Serge and Coleman for Harry’s Hot Sauce.  He’s from a small town an hour north of Miami called Riviera Beach, graduated fro Auburn University and originally got his start as a police and courts reporter.