Coconut Cowboy

By: Tim Dorsey

What a trip!  Tim Dorsey, a New York Times best selling author, has delivered a unique and intriguing new story in his book Coconut Cowboy.  Following the story of a few different characters who seem like they have been left to bake in the hot Florida sun a little bit too long, this is one interesting ride.  New comers from New York, a gristly long time resident bent on restoring the American Dream, drug runners and an Ivy League student working on his thesis paper all converge in one novel to deliver readers a trust, not quite trippy story that they’ve never come across before, and as far as I’m concerned, will probably never come across again.  In one small town, where everything moves at a slower pace, and all of the people and political positions are related, a new couple makes their home.  Thinking that they traded up for a slower pace of life, Peter and his wive are in for a surprise, quickly discovering that not everything is as it seems.

Also staring in a leading role is Sergee…I’m not quite sure how to describe Sergee.  The mysterious man is fond of history, small towns in the state of Florida, and the movie Easy Rider.  Sergee maintains a blog where he babbles about the little known history of the state as well as weird and outlandish crimes, and what might have happened to the American Dream.  As the new comers try to navigate the town of Wobbly’s politics and get to the bottom of what is really going on, the book follows Sergee and his sidekick across the panhandle of Florida.  Coconut Cowboy is an enigmatic book, one that stays on your mind well after you put the book down.  Underneath all of the idiosyncrasies and oddities, there is a sinister plot developing…one that crime novel enthusiasts can sink their teeth into.

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