Cold Betrayal

Code Betrayal

By: J.A. Jance

Cold Betrayal by JA JanceIf you have hung around here long enough, you might have noticed that there are a few J.A. Jance book reviews.  The reason why is plain and simple.  Jance is a creative and literary powerhouse.  She pulls together complex stories centered around characters that you can get to know and love. Recently I had the pleasure of reading Cold Betrayal for a review – and this, her latest book, is right up there with all the rest.  Jance doesn’t give you the run of the mill murder mystery or predictable characters. Rather, she provides her readers with a different sort of crew who finds themselves wrapped up in an unexpected whirlwind. Ali Reynolds, now living in Sedona, Arizona follows her friend Sister Anselm headfirst into the investigation of one unidentified young mother.  Little do they know that the investigation will bring them face to face with a dangerous polygamous cult with more than one hideous secret.  In both Ali and Sister Anselm, there is more than meets the eye.  Ali and her husband own a successful computer security company called High Noon Enterprises and of late has found herself pulling out all the stop while getting involved with the death of a friend and the ensuing investigation.  Sister Anselm, working as a patient care advocate, packing her taser and a fire in her belly, is not afraid to go toe to toe with the volatile men who abuse the women in their lives.

For Sister Anselm, this case hits too close to home.  Only 12 years earlier she was involved in a similar situation, caring for an unconscious young mother and her child, both fighting for their lives after being badly beaten.  Before the young victim wound up at the hospital, she had tried reaching Ali’s friend Irene who ran a domestic violence shelter, and had since passed away.  Ali and Sister Anselm firmly entrench themselves in this case and pull out all of the stops to prevent this from happening again.  What they find is that this case, is much bigger than either of them could have thought. While all of this is going on, Ali must work to protect the grandmother of her daughter-in-law, who believes someone has tried to kill her or at least have her declared as incompetent.  Cold Betrayal is packed from cover to cover and provides readers the perfect adventure on these rainy Spring days. There is so much more to talk about – but I don’t want to give too much away – I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Cold Betrayal for yourself and the readers in your life and find out what I’m talking about.