Desert God

Desert God by Wilbur Smith | Black Dog SpeaksDesert God

By: Wilbur Smith

Good books are well written, great books are well researched and written…amazing books have taken every minor detail from the plot, to the characters, their back story all the way to the design of the book.  Desert God by Wilbur Smith is an amazing book.  Potentially unrivaled in the genre of historical fiction, Smith has delivered a fantastic story that has been rightly heralded as the Egyptian Game of Thrones.  His skill pours through the papyrus like pages of this, his latest novel.  Smith has gained acclaim among greats like Stephen King and James Rollins for this and previous works.  Fans of history, of monarchs and rulers, clashes between empires and creative fiction will find themselves unable to put this one down.  This was my first experience with one of Wilbur Smith’s books and it turned out to be quite the introduction.  Just in time to make it onto your Christmas shopping list – pick this one up for the book worms in your life.

Set in ancient Egypt and filled with a colorful cast of intricate characters, this story plays out against the magnificent backdrops of the desert landscape.  Smith’s storytelling abilities enable the reader to feel as though they have been plopped down next the River Nile and are living the story rather than simply reading it.  His eye for detail and exquisite storytelling combine for an enthralling and enchanting ride through time, through conflicts and battles, through love and duty.  Humour, love, anger, jealousy – they’re all here in this amazing book.  Whether you pick it up for yourself or someone on your list this year your dollars will be very well spent on Desert God.

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