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Field of Graves

Field of Graves

By: J.T. Ellison

A strong and independent yet stubbornly vulnerable lead detective solving a challenging and dangerous case, while battling her own person demons? Sign me up!  An equally or maybe even more so damaged, and very attractive male supporting character that’s sweet enough to make you weak in the knees? Count me in! Get all of this and more by the accomplished and acclaimed J.T. Ellison? Well then, I’m all in.

Field of Bones is a hard hitting crime drama with a few different and equally great story lines developing.  Taylor Jackson, a tough as nails cop who earned her way up in the ranks discovered some pretty nefarious dealings that involved some of her fellow cops, and it almost got her killed.  Jackson is working to put that ordeal behind her when she lands a high profile case where Vanderbilt college students are turning up dead in public places.

While working through her own issues and the case, as a favor to her boss, Jackson is a assigned to work with an FBI profiler who is washed up after a serious case of his own.  Jackson must walk a fine line, trying to keep herself together while also keeping her profile partner from falling apart.

Together the two work to solve a case that seems almost too strange to have any kind of an ending – let alone a good one – while they may or may not be falling for each other.  After this one, I’m inclined to go back to the beginning and read the other Taylor Jackson novels that came before it.  Ellison is just that good.  Pick this one up for yourself and you’ll see why I’m drooling over this book.