Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer – Inside America’s Unmanned War

By: Lt. Col. Mark McCurley

Modern technology is changing the way we do just about everything.  From the way we brush our teeth, to the way we park our cars, technology is even changing the way we fight our wars and manage current conflicts.  When the chance to read and review the first book to take readers inside America’s drone program, I pounced on it.  Mark McCurley is giving civilians an unprecedented look into the making of modern warfare: the birth and maturation of the drone program.  I have to say it’s not what I expected – but then again, I’m not sure I knew what to expect. Hunter Killer – Inside America’s Unmanned War is the only way to get a front seat view of what it’s like to pilot and fire from a drone.  His candid look inside the early days and on through the larger battles of the war is enlightening.  There is no way for us to ever really know what war, modern war or even piloting an aircraft is like.  Mark McCurley gets readers just about as close as he can get them to unmanned arial war and the way it’s changing the battlefield.

Hunter Killer is a great book.  Like I said, it’s not what I expected.  I’d say that I thought it was going to be more exciting – lots more involvement in conflicts from the onset.  The fact that it took drones a while to become accepted by different branches of the military didn’t make the book boring or any less significant.  Maybe it made it even more so.  Before supporting or discounting America’s drone program, before casting your vote one way or another, do yourself and fellow Americans a favor.  Read this book.  Hunter Killer will probably not solidify your thoughts on drone warfare.  If anything, this book will probably make you think – which might just be one of Mark’s intentions in telling his story.  This is not a pro war, anti muslim book.  Rather it is a no holds barred, honest retelling of one man’s direct involvement in the history of modern warfare.  It is the story of the rise of drones from the man who wrote the book on them (both Hunter Killer, and the training manual).

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