Pick Your Practice

Pick Your Yoga Practice

By: Meagan McCrary

Pick Your Yoga PracticeThis one is for everyone! Whether you are new to yoga or have created an established yoga practice already this book is a great resource.  Meagan McCrary is a professional yoga instructor and teaches around the country as well as internationally. Her wealth of knowledge and experience shine through the pages in this book. Pick Your Yoga Practice begins with what yoga is at a fundamental level, provides a brief but informative history of the practice, the evolution and creation of its various forms, as well as an in-depth and education look at the popular and overarching styles of yoga. Has someone ever asked you “What is Power Yoga – I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing?”  If you are like me you have probably heard this question a lot, and probably fumbled through an explanation.  With Meagan McCrary you will be able to accurately describe any type of yoga, why people might practice and the benefits that come from practicing it.

Meagan is an artful writer who is mastering the craft and it shows through in her writing. While there is always room to grow and progress, just as there is in yoga, Meagan McCrary is an established author.  Pick Your Practice is very well written, complex yet easy and a pleasure to read.  The book is well organized and succinctly written.  Other yoga anthologies are…well…just that – a long and complex anthology. Pick Your Practice is all of the important information that you need to know in order to pick the right yoga practice as well as gain the fundamental understanding of the style, the practice of yoga and all of its forms as well as its history. Meagan’s passion for yoga and for sharing yoga with others is bursting through the covers of this book.  Her love is infectious and begets only more love for this esteemed and traditional form of movement and meditation.

I recommend this book to everyone that is thinking about getting into yoga and everyone who has already fallen in love with it! Pick up Pick Your Yoga Practice today and see for yourself. Learn about the first yogi to travel to the US, the popularity of yoga in the US and the celebrities behind its popularity, as well as the physiological, psychological and physical benefits of every form of yoga.  While you are at it, check out Meagan’s classes and retreats.