By: Wilbur Smith

Hector Cross, the ex paramilitary guy turned private security specialist is back in a daunting new novel by famed Wilbur Smith.  Predator is the latest installment in the daring and dashing Crossbow novels and this one does not disappoint.  In this installment, Hector Cross, owner of Crossbow Security and head of security for Bannock Oil a very large oil company, must switch from protecting his employer to worrying about the safety of his family.  In a complex plot to destroy the man who took him down, a dangerous and maniacal con artist and master criminal, pulls out all of the stops to escape from death row in a straight from the movies stunt.  His first act as a newly freed man, is to set his sights and the disposal of his large offshore bank accounts, on Hector Cross, his friends and his young daughter.

Hector Cross has killed many men in the name of justice.  This one master criminal turned lord of a small country in the remote jungle of Africa was one that he had hoped the US Judicial System would take care of for him.  But when the mad man escapes from a high security prison, Cross immediately knows that no one is safe until the man is dead and gone.  But who will pay the price in the monumental effort to track him down and take him out? Predator, co-written with internationally best selling author, Tom Cain, is an exciting novel that will have you hauled up in your safe place, frantically turning page after page…or at least, that’s what happened to me…but that might just be because I was reading it as I travelled abroad on my first trip to Europe…I take that back.  It was most definitely the stellar writing and unbelievable plot that makes this book one you cannot put down.

BlackDogSpeaks reviews Predator by Wilbur Smith