BlackDogSpeaks Racing the Devil by Charles Todd

Racing the Devil

Racing the Devil

By: Charles Todd

Charles Todd delights readers once again with his next Inspector Rutledge novel, Racing the Devil, a complex tale of revenge, as 5 men who fought for king and country in the first world war and experienced the horrors of the Somme Offensive, descended on Nice in new motorcars, bought and borrowed.  Someone has crept into their ranks as they drove the dark and winding roads, bent on killing the men and exacting revenge, but for what isn’t clear as Ian Rutledge must untangle a motive seemingly understood by no one.

Ian Rutledge is one of Scotland Yard’s finest inspectors, and is handed the case directly on the heals of another.  He must travel to a remote village to meet those who had known the recently deceased rector, and piece together the days before his murder.  With a lack of modern forensics, Rutledge is dependent upon his skills of investigation to bring this murder to a close, before anyone else might meet their end.

Racing the Devil might just be my favorite Todd novel yet.  Though each of his works stands on their own and are a fine example of his skill, his latest, is the most complex and intricately woven that it’s completely ensnaring.  With Todd, you get a bit of a detective novel, a bit of history, a good dose of intrigue, that wets your curiosity and the skill for story telling keeps you turning page after page.