Shakespeare Basics for Gownups

Shakespeare Basics for Grownups; Everything You Need to Know About the Bard

By: E. Foley and B. Coates

Shakespeare Basics for GrownupsWhen I think about books and their different genres, I am reminded of a large box of fresh crayons or freshly sharpened colored pencils.  All are unique.  Some are playful and fun, while others are more commanding, more serious shades. Just like colors, they have their own emotions, they convey different moods, and have an effect on us, and mean different things to different people.  Recently I came across a book, in a shade I don’t normally read too much of.  It was attractive in its own unique way, and made me want to see more of it.  The book is Shakespeare Basics for Grownups; Everything You Need to Know About the Bard. With so much conjecture and speculation about who he was, the undertones and meanings of his writing, I had to get my hands on it.

With such a lofty claim as to provide “everything you need to know about the bard”, I was curious as to whether it would stand up on its own, and as to what would be included.  The answer is…well…everything.  From what is known about his life, the words and phrases he coined, theories and conspiracies about who really was Shakespeare, to descriptions of theaters, acting groups, history, and analyses of all of his works.  This book really is all inclusive on everything surrounding the man and his writing.  It features notes about the actors, competing authors, the monarchy and subject matter that was approved or censored, and even includes a quiz at the end.  If I tried to describe just how much I learned from this book, we’d be here for quite a while.  If you’ve wanted a better understanding of Shakespeare, from the wording and the rhythm of his lines, to the context – historical, religious and cultural, this book is the one for you.  Foley and Coates really know their Shakespeare, their history, and language, as it radiates through the pages of Shakespeare Basics for Grownups. This book would make a great gift for any english teacher, history or literary buff in your life.