The California Wife

By: Kristen Harnisch

Nestled in the picturesque hills of California’s wine country, in a large vineyard, we find the sequel to Kristen Harnisch’s The Vintner’s Daughter, the expertly written The California Wife.  Life in the early 1900’s for a vintner and her family is full of reward but also fraught with the threat of the temperance movement and natural disasters like fire and earthquakes destroying their livelihood.  In Harnisch’s previous novel, Sara has worked hard to escape danger, travel across the world, find love and build both her family and their vineyards.  Now married to Philippe Lemieux and running a vineyard in California Sara dreams of replanting her family homestead in France.  Everything seems to be going well but disaster looms large on the horizon and in The California Wife Sara must fight to keep her family from falling apart.

I loved reading The Vintner’s Daughter and have been very much looking forward to reading Kristen Harnisch’s next novel.  I wondered how one could follow up such an exciting story that crossed continents, survived personal tragedy, the sweetness of love and of risking it all for one’s family…but she did it…exceedingly well!  Harnisch flawlessly delivered a story that matches it’s predessor in every way.  Picking up right where she left off, Kristen Harnisch creatively weaves together an inspiring tale that will delight readers of all types.  Different ages, interests and backgrounds will all find something to love in this novel.  I’m looking forward to getting my little paws on her next novel, of which I hear and expect great things!

The California Wife by Kristen Harnisch