The Hawley Book of the Dead

Hawley Book of the Dead

By: Chrysler Szarlan

he Hawley Book of the Dead by: Chrysler SzarlanIn a magician’s world, nothing is ever as it seems.  For a famous magician in Las Vegas, one night’s seemingly routine show would be anything but. Revelation Dyer is one part performer, one part magically gifted.  Living and working in Las Vegas where her skills have earned her both a career, husband and three daughters her life, even though extraordinary had settled into a routine.  Together she and her magician husband planned and performed shows in a small but famous theater until one fateful night.  Performing a magicians’ duel where her husband was to catch the bullet using sleight of hand, he accidentally caught one in the chest. A mysterious and deadly figure had switched Revelation’s state prop for a real gun, which she unknowingly shot her husband with.  Days pass and the murderer remains at large, when strange things start to happen.  In order to protect her family Revelation picks up her family and moves back home to the other side of the country.  Living among her family Reve slowly begins to untangle their past and learn that there is much more to the man chasing them, and even more mystery about her past and her kin.

The Hawley Book of the Dead is a heart racing, spellbinding labyrinth of a novel, centered around one family’s long buried mystical or magical past, and a mother’s fight to save her children.  Chrysler Szarlan stands tall among his talented cohorts, in this deep and colorful genre.  Gifting readers with an elaborately woven story, The Hawley Book of the Dead will spirit them away through time and to a world in between.  It will enchant their evenings and grab hold of their Sundays.  Szarlan has such a knack for detail using it to craft an intriguing and realistic novel about magic, disappearing, enchantments and danger.  She is well versed in magic, history, horses, and Haley Massachusetts.  Her passion for writing and for the different subject matter in the book burst forth from its pages. This book is unlike anything else in its genre, and has earned its place on our shelves.  We’ll be anxiously awaiting her next novel, the Revelation Quartet.