BlackDogSpeaks reviews the latest from James Rollins, The Seventh Plague

The Seventh Plague

The Seventh Plague

By: James Rollins

A Sigma Force Novel

Well that was one epic read.  I just finished reading James Rollins The Seventh Plague, an intense story of the fight to save the modern world from the resurgence of a biblical plague, and a group of rogue scientists and mercenaries bent on acquiring fame and money.  The Seventh Plague is a new installment in the Sigma Force Novels, an intense and daring series in which an unlikely group of incredibly intelligent and skilled people take the most dangerous missions head on.  In this novel, the daughter of an archeologist, who’s father and brother have been missing for two years is confronted with her father’s death.  From the moment she is ready to identify the body of her father, who was found partially mummified and wandering the desert, a series of events that could spell disaster for people all over the world is kickstarted.

In some adventure novels, you fall into an “they almost saved it, but then got thwarted and have to try again” predictability.  In Rollins’s  The Seventh Plague nothing is predictable and everything is an fast paced race to save the world from a biblical plague that no one in our modern day knows anything about.  In this novel, it’s the past, and enigmatic minds like Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla that hold the key to our survival. From the very start of this book, I was loathed to put it down.  It was an epic adventure that transported me to the very ends of the earth, or should I say the beginnings of civilization.  Nefariously intelligent criminals make you wonder just what will be the outcome of this crazy epic novel, while equally determined and seasoned heroes and heroines pull out all the stops in an effort to keep the world safe.  If you walk by a copy of The Seventh Plague and don’t pick it up, shame on you.