The Spy House

The Spy House

By: Matthew Dunn

My first Matthew Dunn experience, I’m embarrassed to say, was his Dark Spies (Released in 2014).  Why be embarrassed? As a self proclaimed enthusiast of all books espionage, this incredible author somehow slipped passed my radar.  I am certainly glad that I caught him when I did because his books are phenomenal.  Dunn has five years of real world intelligence experience, working for MI6 – otherwise known as Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service.  His knowledge and expertise radiate through his stories, giving them a real world type of a feeling – as scary or thrilling as that can be.  Just pick up one of his books and you’ll quickly understand what I mean.  Somehow Matthew Dunn is able to create harrowing escapes, crafty villains, and characters that rival Bond.  I daresay that the father of the modern crime drama and fellow countryman Holmes would even be impressed.  The latest installment in the Spycatcher series, The Spy House builds beautifully on its predecessors, yet is written with enough detail and backstory that any reader could pick it up and thoroughly enjoy it, as I did back in 2014/15.

The Spy House is unlike any other book in its popular genre.  The stakes have never been higher as Israel poises itself to defend herself after the assassination of her prime minister, dragging her allies into the next world war.  Enigmatic and disenfranchised spy Will Cochrane is dispatched to solve the murder and perhaps stave off world destruction – but even he wonders if he will be up to the task.  When friends and colleagues close to him start to drop, Will must gather every ounce of fortitude and continue his mission.  Amidst attempts on his life, and whilst racing against an ever looming clock, the odds don’t look good.  Even the most avid spy novel readers won’t see what’s coming as the turn the pages of The Spy House.  I loved this so much, and was so shocked by the ending that I practically threw the book across the room as I leapt from the couch.  If you enjoy crime dramas, thrillers, spy novels or want to read a book that will get your blood pumping, then I sincerely hope you find Matthew Dunn’s The Spy House under the Christmas Tree…or grab a copy for yourself.

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