By: Jay Posey

ThreeDarkness is fraught with danger as an unlikely trio forges their way to promised safety in the first of the Legends of the Dustwalker series by Jay Pose.  The first of these arresting novels, Three is brimming with vivid descriptions of a new and unfamiliar world and charged with perrill.   A post apocalyptic struggle for survival plays out on these pages that brings to mind, and then far exceeds stories like The Book of Eli.  Three is an extremely well developed storyline, with multidimensional characters and a prodigious plot line.  The enigmatic lone wolf of a character, Three is faced with a tough decision to either continue in his solitude or to take on the challenge of protecting a woman and child whom he knows nothing about.  Something about this duo pulls him in, and changes his life forever.

The dark and shadowy figure, the reserved yet strong and protective mother, and quiet almost furtive child who clings to his two protectors yet somehow possesses an even greater inner strength clash against a colorful group of villains who tirelessly pursue them.  To make matters worse, upon the onset of darkness emerges a dangerous new beast known as the weir – half man, half machine, these powerful creatures stalk the night desperate for prey.  Against all odds Three, Cas and Wren set out on a long and tiresome journey full of clashes, hopes and pitfalls.  Posey will make you feel every blow, hear every slice of Three’s blade and cringe at the eerie inhuman cry of the weir.  In this strange new world, almost anything seems possible; good, and bad.

Three constantly evolves, changes and grows in its complexity making it extremely captivating.  From the moment I sat down with the novel and cracked its spine for the first time, I had a feeling that it would one that you could not put down.  My feelings were correct and I finished this book in a day.  The delectable combination of danger, mystery, love, betrayal blended together with the rush of near death escapes from the clutches of monsters and men will glue your eyes to its pages.  The human element courses through these pages and will lift you up, let you down and leave you wanting more, much more.  Fantastical but not far fetched, Jay Posey has masterfully created a stark new world for us to lose ourselves in.

From the first book alone, this series looks to be a very promising one that would make for the next big screen blockbuster. You heard it here.