True Stories at the Smoky View

True Stories at the Smoky View

By:Jill McCroskey Coupe

Books can challenge you, provide you with a shift in perspective, or a glimpse into another life and lifetime.  Books have an awesome power that way.  Its a magic unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  Different books hold different powers.  While some might take you far, far back into history, others allow you to see what life is like for someone else.  True Stories at the Smoky View written by Jill McCroskey Coupe took me from my cozy home in Pittsburgh and transported me to mountainous Tennessee during a blustery snow storm.  In Jill’s book, the snow isn’t the only thing in turmoil.  The recent death of a close friend has the main character Vraiment “Vrai” Lynde searching for answers and meaning while she tries to tie up the loose ends left behind by his untimely death.  Returning home to attend the funeral Vrai is also tasked with bringing the ashes of her friend to his elderly mother along with his dog.  While attending the funeral Vrai ends up taking care of a the young child of two friends who has passed away years earlier.  Unable to locate his parents, she has no choice to bring him with her on her trip.  On the way home the snow worsens and the two take shelter in a motel called the Smoky View.

True Stories at the Smoky View is both what someone browsing the shelves of a bookstore might assume when glancing at the cover, and yet at the same time, it is very far from it.  The book was thought provoking making the reader ask bigger questions and listen for the answers in the text of the story.  Jill McCroskey Coupe is a skilled author and it shines forth through the pages of work.  I enjoyed reading this, her latest and hope to one day find another from her that I enjoy just as much.  Not my typical type of review, True Stories at the Smoky View was a break from the everyday and a break from the monotonous pace that we can fall into in the every day.  It was eye opening to glimpse inside the mind and life of another person, especially one as complex and interesting as Vraiment Lynde.

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