Under the Same Blue Sky

Under the Same Blue Sky, Pamela Schoenewaldt, Book Review

Under the Same Blue Sky

By: Pamela Schoenewaldt

Pamela Schoenewaldt’s new book Under the Same Blue Sky initially grabbed my eye when I saw that her main Character is a young German girl growing up on Pittsburgh’s East Ohio Street before the outbreak of World War One.  My family came over from Germany as well, and also lived in Pittsburgh’s North Side.  Through the initial part of the story, I felt as if I was sitting on my grandmother’s lap listening to stories of what it was like then, an experience I’ve craved ever since loosing her at a very young age.  The story transformed into an adventure with the first sparks of the great war.  Hazel, eagerly searching for her place in the world leaves her home to find work in a single room school house situated in a rural town.  When that experience sours, she packs up and travels across the state in search of her family history and finds both an unexpected career, and new set of friends. Her adventures continue and carry her across the sea on a trip to Europe in search of her love and the family of her new mysterious benefactor.

Under the Same Blue Sky provides an important and interesting glimpse into what it was like to be a German-American during the first World War.  Through out a brave, whimsical and adventurous story, Pamela Schoenewaldt skilfully uses history as both a backdrop and a catalyst to propel the story onward. Pamela transports you through time to the before one of the largest and most significant events in recent history.  She gifts us with an intriguing and mysterious young woman who at times has the gift of healing, a curious woman with a sense of adventure.  Her latest historical novel showcases both her skills as a historian as well as a creative author, and knack for blending the two seamlessly.  A perfect book for Spring, this one is set to launch in May.  Just like this new season, the book is clean, crisp and refreshing.  Be sure to watch for this one as it hits the shelves – you’ll be glad that you did.

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